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I'm Lisa and this is my story and how/why Stellar Active was born!

I am a small town country girl who had big dreams of living in the city, working in fashion. Some how I went through a windy journey of university, becoming a teacher, then falling into my love of health and fitness.

I loved it so much I quit my job, became a personal trainer and opened a female only training studio in Townsville then Brisbane. 

Then corona hit.

And my gyms closed.

In this time, I moved back to the country with my family and couldn't sit still. I felt so powerless, and lost my income overnight (as did many). I have always loved fashion, so I decided to launch an active wear line named after my little sausage dog Stellar.

I had my gyms for over 5 years, and in that time I tried every active wear brand trying to find the perfect black tight. I am a simple gal. All I wanted was a super high waisted pair of black tights that sucked me in all the right places, were flattering, compression, had pockets, were good quality, nice material, were high enough for me (this was my biggest issue) and were of course squat proof! I wasn't asking for much right? (Did I mention I'm also a curvier girl so I didn't want all my cellulite showing. I need thick material OK!)

If I had found them, I would have bought 10 pairs easily! Except in my time, I never did. 

I got to work, I found the perfect pair of tights that were everything I ever wanted, and I created stunning crops to go with it! I live in active wear from meetings, to workouts, to brunch, to going to the shops - all day everyday. Did I mention that I still wanted to look cute?

I hope you love these pieces as much as I. I live in black and white as it is so versatile and flattering. I also love that I can wear it to death and not worry about being an outfit repeater - you can get away with that when you wear black!

So if you love waking up, throwing on your active wear, looking cute, and going from pilates to brunch, you love high quality and you're a classy gal, you will LOVE Stellar Active!

Thank you for supporting my dream, and being on this journey with me. I promise to always give you the best, and always want to hear your thoughts, your feedback and create an incredible brand for women just like we all deserve!

Lisa x